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Prediction of Colombia Vs. Venezuela June 15, 2015

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Schedules and predictions of Colombia Vs Venezuela copa America, 2015. Competition in the Copa America 2015 is quite tight and exciting. Similarly, in group C which will mempertmukan Colombia that Venezuela will be dealt with. Match schedule and it will be in play on Monday June 15th, 2015 at the Estadio El Teniente, Rancagua and will live in Compass TV at 02: 00 pm.

Colombia will soon start his adventures at the Copa America in Venezuela by 2015 meldeni its inaugural game. And this kruasial action ahead of Colombia who in work on coach Jose Pekerman has been rebaiknya by relying on Squad provides duet death Falcao and Martínez in the interpreter gedor. In the final matches Colombia managed to pluck a victory over Costa Rica with a slim 1-0 score in a test match.

While Venezuela is not so in unggulkan in group C has been preparing as best we can to try to make the surprise at the Copa America by 2015. But Darling admits the readiness to welcome this major tournament Venezuela thus rarely do a trial game. Though his final match was able to overcome the resistance of thin with a score of Peru 1-0.

The full schedule of live broadcast Copa America 2015, Live On TV and Compass K-Vision
Prediction game. Although Colombia in unggulkan in the match this time because of the superior players nowadays. But Venezuela turned out to have a pretty good record if the view in terms of head to head in the last 5 meetings. And this will make this game in prediction will run very tight.

Head To Head Kolombia vs Venezuela:
27/03/13 Venezuela 1 - 0 Colombia
12/11/11 Colombia 1 - 1 Venezuela
04/09/10 Venezuela 0 - 2 Colombia
12/08/09 Colombia 1-2 Venezuela
01/04/09 Venezuela 2 - 0 Colombia

5 Pertandingan last Kolombia:
07/06/15 Colombia 1 - 0 Costa Rica
30/03/15 Colombia 3 - 1 Kuwait
27/03/15-Bahrain 0 - 6 Colombia
19/11/14 Slovenia 0 - 1 Colombia
15/11/14 United States 1-2 Colombia

5 Pertandingan last Venezuela:
01/04/15 Peru 0 - 1 Venezuela
28/03/15 Jamaica 2 - 1 Venezuela
12/02/15 Venezuela 2 - 1 Honduras
05/02/15 Honduras 2-3 Venezuela
19/11/14 Bolivia 3 - 2 Venezuela

Prediksi Squad Formasi Dan Susunan Mamadas Utama Li Tim:
Kolombia (4-1-2-3): D. Ospina, C. Zapata, J. Murillo, D. Andrade, C. Zúñiga, C. Sanchez, E. Valencia, J. Cuadrado, J. Rodríguez, R. Falcao, J. Martinez.
Venezuela (3-5-2): A. Baroja, F. Amorebieta, O. Vizcarrondo, r. Rosales, A. Tunisia, A. Guerra, C. Gonzalez, T. Rincón, L. Seijas,
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